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99% of all top loading kilns are made of K23 soft brick. The brick is relatively inexpensive and provides excellent insulation value, but is very fragile, is easily damaged, and is costly to replace.

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How it works

KilnShield® is placed on the top layer of bricks - the area leaned on when loading and unloading. KilnShield® speeds up loading time, gives you peace of mind, , and puts less strain on your back. Remove KilnShield® prior to closing the lid to fire or rest.

How it's made

We use high-quality materials heat resistant up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit for those times when you just can’t wait. We use 16 gauge galvanized steel for the base and 1/4¨ soft silicone foam for the top. Our design is customized to your kiln, ensuring proper and accurate fit. (Some assembly required) Our Lifetime Warranty offers years of use and kiln preservation. 

How it protects

KilnShield®’s design uses heavy gauge galvanized steel to disburse weight, protecting soft brick from damage. It also provides a soft silicone foam cushion for a pleasant loading experience. You can focus on loading your kiln, protecting your investment, and do it all with less back strain! Watch the video below to learn more.


Out Story

Tony Nardella, as owner of Boston Kiln Sales & Service, has been servicing kilns in the New England area for over 20 years. During that time, he found the leading factor in kiln deterioration was the gap created by worn and chipped top bricks. To prevent this damage, he developed and patented KilnShield® to shield to protect this very vulnerable section of the kiln. This keeps kilns running efficiently and helps users during loading and unloading. 

The Benefits

Deterioration between the top brick and lid leads to inefficient firing, as well as allowing caustic fumes to escape into the studio space. KilnShield® prevents this deterioration, greatly increasing the life of the kiln, saving costly repairs, and benefiting the studio environment. In addition, KilnShield equally displaces your weight while loading making the process easier and causing less strain on your back. KilnShield® is 1/4 the cost of brick replacement - prolonging your investment and putting your hard-earned money towards art!

The Design

Our design provides a strong and smooth metal surface to protect the fire brick. For your comfort, we've added a soft silicone foam pad to lean on during loading and unloading. KilnShield comes with holes for hanging, or can be magnetically attached to the control panel for easy access.

KilnShield fits most major brands of ceramic kilns including Amaco, Cone Art, L&L, Paragon, and Skutt.


Your Investment

A kiln is typically astudio’s largest investment. Its performance and efficiency are crucial. As durable as a kiln appears, the most vulnerable and important part is the top layer of brick.

Life of the Kiln

An important and often overlooked factor of kiln longevity is the seal between the top layer of brick and the lid. A good tight seal is crucial for energy efficient firings and proper venting of fumes. In addition to firing temperature and frequency, fume escape due to damaged top layer bricks is the largest contributor to kiln damage.

Vital Protection

The most common damage to the top layer of brick happens during loading and unloading. The very soft and brittle brick is susceptible to degradation from being leaned on, scraped by clothing and shelves, and by the pottery itself. KilnShield® provides a hard, smooth surface that protects the brick from the friction of daily wear.