How to Place Your KilnShield Order

What you need to know about your kiln to place your order

How many bricks go around your kiln

Count how many bricks the kiln has on the top layer. Standard, medium, and large kilns have between 8, 10, or 12 bricks.

Determine the thickness of the kiln wall

This measures from the inside of the brick to the kiln to the exterior metal band of the kiln. The width will be 2.5", 3", or 3.5". See images below for details on how to measure the wall of your kiln

Select between Standard and Deluxe

Standard KilnShield protects 3 top bricks and Deluxe protects 6 bricks (deluxe folds in half for easy storage)

How to measure the thickness of the kiln wall

Take ruler or tape measure and put it across the brick, as shown below, and measure the total wall thickness of the kiln from the inside edge of the kiln brick to the exterior metal band encompassing the kiln. This will be either 2 ½”, 3” or 3 ½”.